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Garage Door Design Highlight: Decorative Garage Door Hardware

December 5, 2022

For the last several years, carriage hinges have become a popular trend on garage doors all over the country. This decorative hardware, often sold by garage door companies, can transform your garage door from the ordinary into the extraordinary. For homeowners that like the traditional look of wrought iron, this hardware can make a big […]

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Choose the Right Garage Door Windows for You

November 29, 2022

Windows can make your garage door more attractive and functional. Garage door windows let in natural light, which in turn can make your garage a safer and more pleasant environment. Windows are also beautiful – from the inside and outside. Window size and type vary from one garage door to the next, so one of […]

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Why Impression Fiberglass Garage Doors Are a Great Addition to Your Home

November 20, 2022
4 car garage with 2 single and 1 double wide brown garage doors

Fiberglass garage doors are an affordable and durable product that can improve your home’s value and make your home more beautiful at the same time. There are many reasons to get Overhead Door Company’s Impression fiberglass garage doors for your home if you’re in the market for new garage doors. When the time comes to […]

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Which Garage Door Type is Right for You?

November 15, 2022

The style of garage door that you choose for your home will have a big influence on the way your home looks, and your level of satisfaction with your garage door. If you’re a homeowner who is thinking about replacing your garage door, now is the time to give thought to the style and design […]

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The Benefits of High Speed Fabric Doors

November 8, 2022

The Benefits of High Speed Fabric Doors First introduced as a mainstream mechanical industrial door option in the early 1980s, the fabric roll-up door was originally met with mixed reviews due to their considerable maintenance requirements and limited applications. Today, however, fabric roll-up doors have evolved with other forms of mechanical doors to offer extremely […]

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Real Wood vs. Faux Wood Garage Doors

November 1, 2022

Add the word “faux” in front of anything and it’s easy to assume that the fake material is a poor substitution for the original thing. Many consumers are wary of faux wood garage doors for this very reason, and yet faux wood doors have many properties that appeal to homeowners shopping for a replacement garage […]

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How to Maintain Your Wooden Garage Door

October 25, 2022

Modern wood garage doors are beautiful, but they do require some maintenance. Without proper care, a wooden garage door can deteriorate. Repairing or refinishing a garage door that has been neglected is often much more difficult than just keeping up with maintenance. If you’re a homeowner with a garage door made of wood, these maintenance […]

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Has Your Garage Door Opener Stopped Working in Cold Weather? Here’s Why

October 22, 2022

Is your garage door opener not working in cold weather? Don’t worry…this is not uncommon. So why doesn’t your garage door opener work in the cold weather? Several factors can cause a garage door opener to stop working, especially if it is cold outside. Here are five reasons why your garage door opener might have […]

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Know These 3 Important Aluminum Garage Door Maintenance Tips

October 18, 2022

If you own an aluminum garage door, there’s good news! These doors require little maintenance and last for decades. Aluminum garage doors are lightweight, so they put little wear and tear on standard garage door openers. They’re also corrosion-free, so they never rust. They’re durable, easy to recycle, and they look good with regular cleaning. Below […]

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Garage Door Opener Security Tips

October 11, 2022

Garage Door Opener Security Tips Garage door security is critical for your safety and the safety of your family. Knowing how to keep your garage door secure can help you take care of your home, your possessions and members of your household. Where To Put Your Garage Door Opener (Hint: Not in Your Car) Your […]

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