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When Is the Best Time to Weatherstrip Your Garage? An FAQ

October 19, 2021
wooden garage door with black weatherstripping at bottom

It’s never a bad time to weatherstrip your garage. Whether you’re preparing for cold weather in winter or hot weather in summer, weatherstripping can help you control your garage temperature. This FAQ can tell you what you need to know. How Should You Weatherstrip? Weatherstripping the pedestrian door and windows in your garage is easy. […]

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Troubles With a Hot Garage? How To Cool It Down

October 12, 2021
garage with sunlight peaking in with several items hung on the walls

Whether you use your garage as a workspace, a place to store seasonal decorations like candles, or as a place to store temperature-sensitive materials like paint, a hot garage can be a problem for many reasons. There are many things you can do to make your garage a more comfortable temperature during warm weather. Below are a few tips […]

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Wondering When It’s Time for a Commercial Garage Door Tune Up? We Can Tell You

October 5, 2021
white commercial garage door from interior of workshop

Commercial garage doors need attention from time to time. Without regular maintenance and the occasional commercial garage door tune-up, your garage door could start to wear down and may even break. Some commercial property owners wait for signs that it’s time to get their garage door serviced, others perform regular tune-ups according to a schedule. […]

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5 Reasons to Work with a Reputable Garage Door Installer

September 28, 2021
Two men on ladders work on garage door

Are you installing a new garage door or replacing an old garage door this summer? If so, it’s important to work with a reputable garage door installer. Some people are tempted to choose the cheapest contractor to save money, but the least expensive installer is not always the best installer. It’s important to choose your […]

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Is Your Commercial Garage Door Ready for Winter?

September 21, 2021
exterior of black commercial building with several rolling steel doors

Commercial garage doors need to be made ready for winter – just like all the other parts of your commercial structure. It’s summer now, but winter will be coming before you know it. Taking steps to prepare your commercial garage door for winter can take some time, so get started today. The following tips will help ensure […]

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Holding a Party in Your Garage? 4 Tips to Get Ready

September 14, 2021
pizza on table in boxes with hands grabbing slices

Do you need a good spot to have a party? Why not the garage? With a little prep work, you can turn your garage into a fantastic place to have a fun gathering this summer. Most garages are a little messy. Before you have your party, you’ll need to clear the space, test the garage […]

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Wood Garage Door Is Fading? You Have Options!

September 7, 2021
two car garage with wooden doors and small windows at top

Wood is beautiful, but a fading wood garage door can be disheartening. Knowing what to do to restore your wood garage door to its former beauty can help you improve your home’s curb appeal and take care of your property. Wood can get dry, faded, and brittle. With these tips, you can restore your garage door […]

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Commercial Garage Door Service: A Guide for Property Owners

August 31, 2021
exterior of building with 4 white commercial garage doors

Commercial garage doors get used a lot. They’re opened and closed regularly in the normal course of business – and they need to function well every time they’re used! This means they need regular service in order to maintain their usefulness. If your garage doors are visible to the public, they should also be maintained for […]

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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Residential Garage Door this Summer

August 24, 2021
two brown garage doors with rounded tops and vines surrounding the trim

Is your residential garage door looking a little worse for wear? There are lots of ways that you can upgrade your garage door this summer. Depending on your budget and what’s going wrong with your garage door, you have choices. Below are three ways that you can upgrade your residential garage door this season. 1. […]

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4 Tips to Make Your Garage a Comfortable Workshop

August 10, 2021
garage workshop with light tan and white cabinets

A garage workshop can give you a place to accomplish your messier or louder home improvement tasks, like sawing wood, hammering nails, filling flower pots with dirt, and so on. Garages make good workshops if they’re comfortable, roomy, and have some basic amenities that can boost productivity. If you’d like to turn your garage into a […]

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