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4 Tips to Make Your Garage a Comfortable Workshop

August 10, 2021
garage workshop with light tan and white cabinets

A garage workshop can give you a place to accomplish your messier or louder home improvement tasks, like sawing wood, hammering nails, filling flower pots with dirt, and so on. Garages make good workshops if they’re comfortable, roomy, and have some basic amenities that can boost productivity. If you’d like to turn your garage into a […]

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4 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Garage Door Opener

August 3, 2021
overhead door garage door opener on background of garage door with red overlay

Are you thinking about getting a new garage door opener? You’ve got some important decisions to make. If it’s been years since you last made this kind of purchase, you might be amazed at how many choices there are to consider. Below are some of the factors that will come into play when you’re trying […]

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3 Reasons to Hire Overhead Door Company for Your Garage Door Replacement

July 27, 2021
man moves heavy piece of garage door equipment

Garage door replacement is a high-value home improvement with a near 100% ROI. When you’re replacing your garage door, it’s important to hire a company that will help you get the most for your money. Overhead Door Company can help. There are a lot of reasons to hire Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City for […]

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4 Things You’re Going to Love About the Envy Aluminum Glass Garage Door

July 20, 2021

If you own a modern home built in a contemporary style, it can be hard to find the right garage door for your property. While traditional garage doors and carriage style doors are popular with today’s homeowners, those who like a garage with a stunning, fully modern appearance have options with Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City. […]

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How to Clean Your Commercial Garage Door

July 13, 2021

It’s important to keep your commercial garage door in good condition for your customers. A beautiful, clean finish that’s well maintained reflects well on your business and on your business practices. Help attract customers who have confidence in your company by keeping your commercial garage door looking beautiful, strong, and new. Clean your commercial garage […]

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Is a Carriage Style Garage Right for You? Here Are 4 Signs

July 6, 2021

The carriage style garage is popular for a reason: because their garage doors are beautiful, romantic and they call to mind a time when home building materials were high-quality, built to last. If you’re shopping for a new garage door in Oklahoma City, it’s possible that the carriage-style door is right for your home. Knowing your own preferences is […]

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Buying a Durafirm? What To Know About Vinyl Garage Doors

June 29, 2021

Vinyl garage doors like Durafirm are made from a synthetic material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a type of plastic that is found in objects and materials all over the house, including windows, doors, and flooring. Homeowners like vinyl garage doors because they’re durable, attractive, and have many of the same qualities of wood (without the maintenance). That […]

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Commercial Garage Door Safety Tips to Stop Workplace Accidents

June 22, 2021

Your commercial garage door is an important part of your workplace, but it can also be a danger if it’s not properly maintained. You can prevent commercial garage door-related accidents by keeping your garage door functioning properly, by installing high-quality commercial garage doors, and by making policies that promote proper garage door safety. Below are some […]

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4 Do’s and Don’ts of Garage Door Repair

June 15, 2021

Garage door repair may seem straightforward but knowing the do’s and don’ts can help you avoid problems. By hiring the right professional, performing regular inspections of your garage door, and by staying attuned to the signs that your garage door needs repair, you can keep your garage in overall good condition. Here’s what you need to know. […]

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Fixing Up Your Garage Door on a Budget? 4 Tips

June 8, 2021

Your garage door can impact your home’s curb appeal quite a bit, so if your door is in need of some TLC, you can improve the beauty of your property with just a few hours of work. A fresh coat of paint, some small repairs, and a proper inspection is all it takes to get a […]

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