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Garage Maintenance Checklist for 2024

Is your garage a mess? It’s time to take care of that problem! In this article, we’ll discuss the many things you can do to maintain your garage this year. By working on your checklist one item at a time, you can make your garage a place to be proud of.

1. Pest Proof

Pests can make a big mess in a space like a garage. From rodent feces to dead insects: any pests that find their way into your garage can leave their mark in unpleasant ways. The best way to stop pests in their tracks is to pest-proof your garage.

  • Seal cracks and weatherstrip doors and windows.
  • Keep edibles like birdseed and grass seed in sealed hard containers.
  • Keep trashcans outside the garage.
  • Store firewood away from your garage.
  • Organize your garage, keep out clutter.

2. Lubricate Garage Door Parts

Your garage door is probably the biggest moving part of your entire house. It needs to be lubricated from time to time! If you get regular garage door tune-ups, then your garage door repair person probably takes care of the lubrication of the garage door. If you don’t get tune-ups regularly, then you’ll need to do this yourself. Use a silicone-based lubricant.

3. Test Garage Door Safety Features

Garage doors come with important safety features that prevent the door from closing on a living creature. It’s important to test your garage door safety features periodically to ensure that your door is safe for your pets and children. To test safety features:

  • Wave a broom or a long stick in the path of your closing garage door. It should stop closing.
  • Put a brick in the doorway of the garage, then close the garage door. It should reverse course when it touches the brick.
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If your garage door safety features aren’t working, clean the photoelectric eyes around the garage door. If this doesn’t work, talk to a garage door repair person.

4. Clean Gutters

Clogged gutters can lead to water buildup, causing damage such as a leaky roof or water seepage into your garage. It’s essential to clean your gutters regularly, ideally at least once annually.

However, if your area experiences heavy foliage or frequent storms, consider increasing the frequency to twice per year to prevent potential issues and maintain the integrity of your garage and home’s structure. Regular gutter maintenance not only safeguards against leaks but also ensures proper drainage, protecting your property from water damage and costly repairs in the long run.

5. Eliminate Old Paint Cans

Accumulating old paint cans in your garage can lead to clutter and potential hazards. Over time, paint can degrade, becoming moldy or drying out, rendering it unusable.

Take the time to assess your collection of old paint cans, open them up, and discard any that are no longer viable. Contact your local sanitation department to inquire about proper disposal methods, ensuring environmentally responsible handling of hazardous materials. Regularly decluttering old paint cans not only frees up space in your garage but also promotes a safer and more organized environment for your home projects.

6. Organize Those Tools

Think about the tools that you keep in your garage. Are they a mess? If so, now is the time to get your tools organized. Buy a toolbox or a tool chest where your tools can easily be stored, then sort through your tools to put them away in places that make sense.

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Performing Garage Maintenance? Tune Up Your Garage Door

One more thing that’s important for maintaining your garage: get a tune-up! At Overhead Door of Oklahoma City, we can help you keep your garage door in good condition by lubricating and tuning up parts! Call today to make an appointment.


Why is pest-proofing my garage important?

Pests can create mess and damage in your garage, so sealing cracks, storing edibles properly, and organizing can help prevent infestations.

How often should I lubricate my garage door?

Regular lubrication with a silicone-based lubricant is necessary to keep your garage door functioning smoothly.

What safety features should I test on my garage door?

You should test if the door reverses when encountering an obstruction and if the photoelectric eyes are functioning properly.

How frequently should I clean my gutters to avoid a leaky roof?

Cleaning the gutters at least once annually, or ideally twice per year, can help prevent issues like a leaky roof.

What should I do with old paint cans in my garage?

Inspect and dispose of old paint cans properly, as they can go bad over time. Contact your sanitation department for guidance on disposal.

How can I organize the tools in my garage?

Invest in a toolbox or tool chest and sort through your tools to keep them organized and easily accessible.

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