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Garage Door Service Tips: Know When to Call for Help

In order to keep your garage doors in prime operating condition, there are some simple checks and maintenance procedures that every homeowner should follow. But, when the squeaks and moans of daily garage door operation exceed the norm, it’s time to call for professional service. Don’t wait until the hangs lopsided from its track or fails to work at all. Preventive maintenance is the key to lasting good looks and faultless operation.

Here’s how to decide if your garage door needs only a minor adjustment or serious intervention.

First, it helps to understand how the various moving parts of your automatic garage door actually perform. There are almost always early warning signs of garage door malaise. If your door suddenly stops closing completely, if it hits the ground with a thud, or if it hesitates, groans, vibrates or sputters before it reaches its full open position, it’s time for a professional check-up. Garage doors are heavy; they sometimes tend to be finicky, and often only a minor adjustment is needed. However, If a panel hinge breaks, a cable snaps, or the chain mechanism breaks, call for professional help immediately.

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If—and it’s a rare occurrence—the door slips off its track, or if a rail or panel is bent, dented or damaged in another way, you’ll need service to remedy the problem. Accidents happen, and even seemingly minor dents and bumps might affect continued operation. However, a garage door is designed to give years of reliable service, and proper care and attention will prolong its effective lifespan.

Ask your installer or service technician about the type of routine maintenance that you can and should perform to keep your garage door healthy. Among the basics you should know are:

  • How to test your door’s functions, from the wall switch, the remote and/or your vehicle’s wireless device;
  • How to change the bulb in the main operator;
  • How to replace batteries in the remote(s);
  • How to check the photoelectric sensors to assure that the door will stop if there’s a hazard in its path; and
  • How to disconnect the operator and revert to manual operation;
  • How to deal with a power outage.

You will also minimize potential problems by keeping toys, tools and debris out of the path of the door, by regularly sweeping up leaves or twigs that blow into your garage, and by never hanging anything from a rail, even temporarily. Be sure to keep the safety sensors clear, clean and well-adjusted, and discourage children from bouncing balls or playing tag around the sensors or in the door’s path.

When you need assistance, remember that the specialists at Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City will respond quickly, and take care of all your needs.


When should I call for professional garage door service?

Call for professional service if your garage door suddenly stops closing, hits the ground with a thud, hesitates, groans, or experiences significant issues like broken hinges, cables, or chain mechanisms.

What should I do if my garage door slips off its track or gets damaged?

If the door slips off its track or sustains damage, you’ll need professional service to fix the problem, even for seemingly minor dents.

What routine maintenance tasks can I perform to keep my garage door in good shape?

You can test your door’s functions, change the operator’s bulb, replace remote batteries, check photoelectric sensors, learn how to manually operate the door, and handle power outages.

How can I prevent potential problems with my garage door?

Keep the door’s path clear of toys and debris, sweep up leaves or twigs regularly, avoid hanging anything from the rail, maintain clean and well-adjusted safety sensors, and discourage children from playing near the door’s path.

Who should I contact for garage door service in Oklahoma City?

Contact the specialists at Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City for quick and comprehensive garage door assistance.

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Kristen Mangum
Kristen Mangum
Friendly customer service. Bought a hard to find remote for an old garage door opener. Opener has 3 buttons so I can program both doors to it. Easy to find location right off 29th St.
Robert Ballinger
Robert Ballinger
Great people
Betsy Chronister
Betsy Chronister
I was given a very fair quote. A week later a tech came and installed. Then came back to install lock. Tech was very professional and polite. Spen time with me making adjustments to my liking. I totally recommend Overhead door to my fellow Okies.
Hendrix Morrow
Hendrix Morrow
Overhead Door did a great job. They got me on the schedule the next day and fixed my spring in 30 minutes or less. Joe was great, professional, and courteous. Awesome service, and he didn't tell me I needed extra materials like the previous garage door people that quoted me $575. Overhead Door told me a price over the phone and it didn't change. I'd recommend them every time.
Sandy Molleda Molleda
Sandy Molleda Molleda
A very good place for a new garage door and a new remote.
John Ehrhardt
John Ehrhardt
Pleased with their services. Coil spring broke and door stopped working. Spoke to Ron, and less than 24 hrs later the technician had us up n running again. These guys did exactly what they promised to do, with no nonsense. I like that.

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