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Bought a Business? Think It Needs New Commercial Garage Doors? How to Decide

So, you’ve just bought a new business, and you’re not sure whether it needs new commercial garage doors. There’s a lot to consider before making that decision, especially if you have to replace more than one door. It’s a big choice. Working with a professional at Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City can help you make the right decision for your new commercial structure.

Signs You Need New Commercial Garage Doors

Knowing the signs that it’s time to replace your doors can help you finalize your decision and make the right decision for your new business.

Sign #1: The Repair Bill Is Huge

One of the most glaring indicators that it’s time to consider replacing your commercial garage doors is when you’re hit with a hefty repair bill. Commercial garage doors, surprisingly, are quite affordable when compared to the cumulative costs of frequent repairs. When faced with a substantial repair estimate, it’s prudent to weigh it against the cost of installing new doors.

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If the difference between the repair bill and the quote for new doors is not substantial, it’s a clear signal that it’s time to invest in new doors. In the long run, opting for new doors is a smarter choice, as you’ll avoid ongoing repair expenses and potential business disruptions caused by unexpected door failures.

Sign #2: Current Doors Are Old and Inefficient

Commercial garage doors have a lifespan ranging from 15 to 30 years, influenced by factors such as their quality, usage frequency, and maintenance. If your existing doors have served your business for a substantial portion of their expected lifespan and are showing signs of inefficiency, it’s a strong indication that replacement is on the horizon.

Aging doors tend to become less energy-efficient and may struggle to provide the level of security and convenience your business demands. By opting for replacement, you have the opportunity to start afresh with doors that can be properly maintained from day one, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Sign #3: Current Doors Just Look Bad

The visual appeal of your business plays a vital role in attracting customers and instilling confidence. If your commercial garage doors are visibly worn, outdated, or damaged, they can detract from your business’s curb appeal, potentially causing you to lose potential customers. In such cases, you have a couple of options.

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You can choose to replace your doors entirely, giving your business a fresh, modern appearance. Alternatively, if the structural integrity of your doors is still sound, you might consider a more budget-friendly approach, such as repainting them. Consulting with a garage door professional and obtaining a quote can help you decide which option makes the most sense for your business and budget.

Sign #4: You Want to Get off on the Right Foot

Starting a new business venture or taking over an existing one requires a solid foundation, and that includes having dependable equipment, including your commercial garage doors. Replacing your garage doors and automatic openers when you acquire a business can provide you with peace of mind and help ensure that your business won’t be plagued by unexpected breakdowns in the immediate future.

This proactive approach allows you to begin your business journey on the right foot, focusing on growth and customer service without the worry of door-related disruptions.

Sign #5: It Fits in Your Budget

Of course, any significant business investment, including new garage doors, should align with your budget. Meeting with a reputable garage door installer is crucial to understanding the cost implications of installing new doors for your business. Once you have a clear estimate, you can assess whether it fits within your budget constraints. If you find that your business has the financial capacity to invest in new doors, it’s advisable not to delay.

However, if your budget is limited, it’s worth discussing potential financing options with your garage door contractor. Many professionals offer financing solutions to help you spread the cost over time, ensuring that you can still address this important aspect of your business without straining your finances.

In Need of New Garage Doors in OKC? Contact Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City

At Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City, we help business owners like you keep their businesses running. Call today to find out more about how you can replace the garage doors in your new commercial structure.


When should I consider replacing my commercial garage doors?

If the repair costs for your current doors are substantial and close to the price of new doors, it’s time for replacement to avoid ongoing expenses.

What if my existing doors are old but still functioning?

Aging doors can become less efficient. Replacing them ensures energy efficiency and better performance.

Do appearance matters for commercial garage doors?

Yes, worn or damaged doors can impact your business’s curb appeal. You can replace them for a fresh look or repaint if structurally sound.

Should I replace garage doors when starting a new business?

Yes, replacing doors when acquiring a business ensures reliability from the start and minimizes unexpected disruptions.

What if I have budget constraints for new garage doors?

Consult with a professional for cost estimates. Financing options are often available to help you manage the expense.

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Pleased with their services. Coil spring broke and door stopped working. Spoke to Ron, and less than 24 hrs later the technician had us up n running again. These guys did exactly what they promised to do, with no nonsense. I like that.

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