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Accentuate a Home’s Style with Traditional Garage Doors

Whether your home boasts the charm of an elegant Tudor, the grace of a classic colonial, or the expansive allure of a regional ranch, traditional garage doors are the ultimate companions for enhancing your home’s exterior. Even if your abode follows a thoroughly modern design, fear not—there exist distinct garage door options that can seamlessly align with your architectural preferences.

Two brown thermacore garage doors on front of home
Traditional garage doors complement various home styles, from Tudor to modern designs.

Traditional garage doors come in a variety of materials, including wood, steel, and aluminum. These diverse styles offer the versatility needed to augment almost any architectural style, and they can be tailored to accommodate vehicles of all sizes, from compact golf carts to towering RVs and boats.

Durability, Adaptability, and Elegance

With a legacy spanning more than four decades of catering to discerning homeowners, Overhead Door of Oklahoma City has solidified itself as a trailblazer in offering an expansive selection of doors that cater to every conceivable need. Even their most budget-friendly offerings have been engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions, ensuring years of unwavering performance.

Let’s delve into some of the captivating style options available:

Courtyard Collection

Combining the resilience of steel with the timeless allure of wood, the Courtyard Collection introduces carriage-style doors that can be personalized with windows and hardware to accentuate traditional home styles.

courtyard wind load garage door
The Courtyard Collection offers steel doors with a wood appearance, customizable with windows and hardware.

Boasting an insulation R-value of up to 12.76, these faux wood-grain doors are available with arched or square panels and are offered in an array of nine standard colors. Furthermore, they can be custom-painted to either harmonize with or contrast against your home’s exterior trim.

Impression Steel Collection

For those seeking insulated door options, the Impression Steel Collection presents a low-maintenance alternative featuring large panels and windows. These elements lend a traditional aesthetic or even a dramatic contrast to homes with classic facades.

Impression Steel Garage Door
Impression Steel Collection presents insulated doors with large panels for a traditional or contrasting look.

The doors are presented in four popular standard colors, allowing homeowners to select the one that resonates most with their vision.

Thermacore Insulated Doors

Tailored for maximum insulation capabilities, the Thermacore Insulated Doors come in a diverse array of panel designs. Ranging from traditional raised panels to horizontal microgroove or flat panel designs, these doors boast an R-value spanning from 9.31 to 17.50.

Two brown thermacore garage doors on front of home
Thermacore Insulated Doors provide high insulation for extreme climates, with various panel designs.

Such features render them particularly well-suited for regions characterized by extreme heat or cold.

Carriage House and Signature Carriage Garage Doors

Exemplifying age-old traditions across various parts of the nation, these garage doors effortlessly merge superior insulated steel construction with elements of beauty, durability, and elevated style.

Three carriage house garage doors
Carriage House and Signature Carriage Garage Doors blend insulated steel with customizable aesthetics.

Notably customizable, these doors can be uniquely tailored to introduce period charm while simultaneously exuding the convenience emblematic of modern design. The freedom to stain or paint these doors in any desired color provides homeowners with ample creative latitude.

Impression Fiberglass

The Impression Fiberglass line showcases the appeal of molded wood-grain fiberglass, a highly sought-after feature in this beloved and high-quality collection. Distinctive panel styles further accentuate the steel-frame collection, with options including simulated oak, cherry, or mahogany wood grain.

impression fiberglass garage doors
Impression Fiberglass offers molded wood-grain fiberglass doors with unique panel styles.

All panels come equipped with finished white interior surfaces, presenting a seamless blend of elegance and practicality.

Traditional Steel

Catering to a diverse range of styles and sizes, the Traditional Steel garage doors present a versatile array of options, encompassing classic, clean-lined designs available both with and without window variations.

Overhead Door Traditional Steel narrow garage door
Traditional Steel doors are versatile in design, size, and insulation options.

Durafirm Collection

Highly regarded for their energy-efficient qualities, the Durafirm Collection introduces vinyl-clad doors known for their robustness and sound-absorbing properties. These doors are presented in two panel styles, offered for both 7 and 8-foot door openings.

Front of home with a durafirm model 872 garage door
Durafirm Collection introduces energy-efficient vinyl-clad doors with strong, sound-absorbing qualities.

Traditional Wood Collection

For those who embrace the allure of traditional materials, Overhead Door offers an expansive range of options catering to the timeless appeal of genuine wood. Homeowners can opt for a picture frame panel or venture into a more contemporary realm with a flush panel design. The ability to accentuate these doors with windows and hardware—or not—provides an exceptional degree of personalization.

traditional wood collection garage doors
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Should you require design guidance or assistance in selecting the ideal garage door option that seamlessly melds with your requirements and budget, feel free to reach out to the experts at Overhead Door of Oklahoma City. Their expertise ensures that you’ll be able to choose a garage door that not only complements your home’s style but also enriches its overall aesthetic appeal.


What materials are used for traditional garage doors?

Materials include wood, steel, and aluminum, offering durability and flexibility to match your home’s style.

Can traditional garage doors accommodate different vehicle sizes?

Yes, they can be sized to fit everything from golf carts and motorcycles to RVs and boats.

What is unique about Thermacore Insulated Doors?

Thermacore doors offer exceptional insulation with various panel designs, suitable for extreme heat or cold climates.

Are Traditional Steel doors versatile?

Yes, Traditional Steel doors come in various styles and sizes, with options for windows and insulation.

Where can I get design assistance for choosing a garage door?

For design guidance and selecting the right garage door option, you can contact Overhead Door of Oklahoma City.

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