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5 Reasons Not to DIY New Garage Door Installation

Some people just love DIY projects, but not every home improvement project is safe for homeowners to do on their own. Garage door installation is one of those tasks you should leave to the experts. Here’s why:

1. Garage Doors Are Heavier Than You Think.

Garage doors might appear deceptively easy to handle, especially if you have a group of friends willing to help. However, even the lightest garage doors weigh over 100 pounds, and some can exceed 300 pounds. The torsion spring mechanism, while making it easier to open and close the door, adds significant weight to the overall structure. Underestimating the weight of the garage door can lead to serious injuries if not handled with proper care and appropriate lifting techniques.

DIY installation risks injuries due to the door’s weight and complexity.

Moreover, during the installation process, you need to maintain control over the door’s movement while securing it in place. Improper handling could cause the door to slip from your grasp, causing property damage or severe personal injuries.

2. You Need Special Skills to Get Installation Right.

Garage door installation is not a simple plug-and-play process. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics involved, as well as the ability to handle complex tools and equipment. Professional installers at Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City undergo rigorous training to become experts in safety, mechanics, and garage door functioning. They keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in garage door technologies and functionalities, ensuring that each installation is done correctly and up to industry standards.

Service man working on a garage door spring and opener
Professionals possess specialized skills, ensuring correct installation.

Without the specialized knowledge and training possessed by professional installers, you may inadvertently overlook critical steps or miss essential adjustments, leading to improper installation and potential hazards down the line.

3. If You Damage Your Door, You Could Pay More In Repairs.

Accidents happen, especially when inexperienced individuals attempt complex tasks. Mishandling garage door sections or dropping parts during installation can cause damage to the door itself or its components. Once damaged, the door’s functionality and safety may be compromised, and you’ll likely require assistance from a professional contractor just to complete the installation properly.

durafirm garage door
Damaging the door during DIY can lead to costly repairs or replacement.

In some cases, the damage may be severe enough to necessitate costly repairs or even replacement of major components. Save yourself the hassle, time, and money by entrusting the installation to experts who know how to handle garage doors with care.

4. Garage Door Torsion Springs Can Be Dangerous If Improperly Installed.

One of the most hazardous aspects of garage door installation is dealing with the torsion springs. These springs are under high tension to facilitate the smooth opening and closing of the door. Proper calibration and handling are critical for safe and efficient operation.

If you attempt to install the torsion spring without adequate knowledge and experience, you risk improper tensioning, which could lead to sudden spring failure. A snapping torsion spring can release powerful forces that cause parts to fly around your garage with great speed, posing a significant risk of severe injuries or property damage.

Improperly installed torsion springs pose serious hazards.

Given the potential dangers associated with torsion springs, it is crucial to leave their installation to professionals who possess the skills and expertise to handle them safely.

5. An Improperly Installed Garage Door Can Be a Red Flag to Home Buyers.

Thinking about selling your home in the future? Potential home buyers pay attention to every detail when evaluating a property. An improperly installed garage door can be a major red flag to potential buyers as it suggests a lack of proper maintenance and care.

4 car garage with 2 single and 1 double wide brown garage doors
Home value may decrease with an improperly installed garage door.

Homebuyers may assume that other aspects of the property could be equally compromised or that they might need to invest in expensive repairs after purchasing the home. Protect your home’s value and increase its appeal by having a professionally installed garage door that showcases your commitment to safety and quality.

Don’t DIY Your New Garage Door Installation. Call Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City.

Given the various safety risks and potential consequences of DIY garage door installation, it’s clear that hiring professionals is the best course of action. At Overhead Door Company of Oklahoma City, we’re the experts in new garage door installation.

Our experienced team guarantees a safe and efficient installation, ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction. Call today to make an appointment for your garage door installation, replacement, or repair. Your safety and the safety of your family are our top priorities.

FAQs About Garage Door Installation

Why should I avoid DIY garage door installation?

Garage doors are heavy and complex, requiring special skills for safe installation.

What happens if I damage my garage door during DIY installation?

You may need costly repairs or replacement of parts, risking your safety and home’s value.

Are garage door torsion springs dangerous?

Yes, improper installation can lead to sudden spring failure, causing severe injuries or damage.

How does an improper installation affect home value?

Homebuyers may be deterred, suspecting further issues and costly repairs ahead. Trust the pros for a safe installation.

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Kristen Mangum
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I was given a very fair quote. A week later a tech came and installed. Then came back to install lock. Tech was very professional and polite. Spen time with me making adjustments to my liking. I totally recommend Overhead door to my fellow Okies.
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Hendrix Morrow
Overhead Door did a great job. They got me on the schedule the next day and fixed my spring in 30 minutes or less. Joe was great, professional, and courteous. Awesome service, and he didn't tell me I needed extra materials like the previous garage door people that quoted me $575. Overhead Door told me a price over the phone and it didn't change. I'd recommend them every time.
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A very good place for a new garage door and a new remote.
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John Ehrhardt
Pleased with their services. Coil spring broke and door stopped working. Spoke to Ron, and less than 24 hrs later the technician had us up n running again. These guys did exactly what they promised to do, with no nonsense. I like that.

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