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Month: February 2021

4 Reasons to Finish Your Garage in 2021

February 23, 2021

Are you looking for a home improvement project to work on in the new year? Why not finish your garage? With a little insulation, drywall, and a fresh coat of paint, you can accomplish all sorts of goals. Below, we’ve listed four things you can do with your garage space if you choose to finish it […]

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4 Ideas to Give Your Garage a Makeover

February 16, 2021

A shabby, poorly maintained garage can negatively impact your home’s curb appeal while also devaluing your home. If you would classify your garage as “cosmetically challenged”, then there are several things you can do to make the structure an asset once again. These garage makeover tips make easy home improvement projects, even if you’re on a budget or lacking […]

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Tips to Winterize Your Garage Floor

February 9, 2021

If you use your garage to store your car, there’s a good chance that your garage floor gets really messy in winter. Salt, ice and standing water can do damage over time. You can prevent this from happening by taking steps to winterize your garage floor. Following these tips, you can protect your garage floor from […]

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4 Ways to Improve Garage Curb Appeal in 2021

February 2, 2021

Your garage curb appeal affects your property’s overall curb appeal, so improving the appearance of your garage is one way to improve your home and its overall value. There are many things you can do to make your garage more beautiful. Cleaning up the outside, upgrading the landscaping, making repairs, and replacing your driveway are all ways […]

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