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Month: December 2020

Installing New Commercial Garage Doors? 3 Ways to Be Prepared

December 29, 2020

Commercial garage door installation takes about half the day, or longer if you’re installing multiple doors. Knowing what to expect, working with a professional garage door installer, and doing your homework before the day of the installation can help make this process easier and less disruptive to your business. Below are three tips to help you be […]

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4 Great Reasons to Buy Your New Garage Door From a Major Brand

December 22, 2020

Most major brands become successful for a reason. While there may be a lot of garage door contractors selling their products and marketing to homeowners in Oklahoma City, not all of them are known entities that provide a good value at a great price. Buying a garage door from a known brand and then contracting […]

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Safety First! 2 Ways to Test Your Garage Door Safety Features

December 15, 2020

Your garage door is the largest and heaviest moving system in your home. Therefore, it should have safety features that prevent it from closing on a person or a pet or crushing something important. However, not all garage doors have these features. Garage door safety features were not a requirement on garage door openers until the early […]

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Pests in the Garage? How to Fight Infestation with Garage Maintenance

December 8, 2020

Garage pests can be a problem at this time of year! When the weather gets cold, mice and insects start to look for comfortable, safe accommodations to spend the winter. For a little mouse seeking a warm, dry shelter, your garage is the perfect place to spend a few months. Garage pests can be a […]

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3 Aluminum Garage Door Maintenance Tips

December 1, 2020

If you own an aluminum garage door, there’s good news! These doors require little maintenance and last for decades. Aluminum garage doors are lightweight, so they put little wear and tear on standard garage door openers. They’re also corrosion-free, so they never rust. They’re durable, easy to recycle, and they look good with regular cleaning. Below […]

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