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Month: June 2020

What Garage Door Style Will Look Best on My Home?

June 23, 2020

Garage doors aren’t usually something you think about until they are a visual burden to your home or need to be replaced. If you are replacing your garage door in Oklahoma City and searching for popular garage door options, we can help! There are a number of key factors that will impact which garage door design […]

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15 Common Reasons for Garage Door Damage

June 16, 2020

Garage door damage can be a safety risk, leaving your valuables in the garage completely exposed. A broken garage door is also an issue for curb appeal, hurting the value of your home and potentially causing issues with your neighbors. Here are some very common types of garage door damage we see homeowners deal with: […]

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Help! My Garage Door Won’t Open!

June 9, 2020

Your garage door is probably the most used entry point in your home and sustains a lot of wear and tear. When your door won’t open or close correctly you may end up with a Google search for “why isn’t my garage door working?” or “why won’t my garage door move when I’m pushing the […]

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How to Prevent Water Coming In Under the Garage Door

June 2, 2020

Does your garage get puddles every time it rains? If so, you probably already know that your garage door needs adjustment! But knowing that there’s a problem sometimes doesn’t mean that it can be solved without help. If you notice water coming in under garage door, here’s what you need to determine: First, examine your […]

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