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Month: October 2019

6 Cool Tips for Your Garage Dinner Party

October 29, 2019

The holidays are coming! Are you planning a dinner party? Do you have enough room? The garage is an excellent space to have a large dinner party with relatives, friends and loved ones. These tips will help with your preparations. 1. Use screens to create a neutral space. Garages tend to be utilitarian spaces. Even […]

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Security Grille Door Benefits for Businesses

October 22, 2019

The security of your shop is critical, yet if you don’t have a security grille door then you aren’t doing everything you can to protect your business. Learn all the benefits of investing in a business security grille door today. Protect Your Property A would-be thief is looking for an easy smash-and-grab. That won’t be your […]

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Accentuate a Home’s Style with Traditional Garage Doors

October 15, 2019

Whether your home is an elegant Tudor, a classic colonial or a regionally-inspired sprawling ranch, traditional garage doors complement any exterior. If your home is a thoroughly modern design, there are also unique doors to fit that genre. Wood, steel and aluminum doors are a few styles to enhance virtually any architectural style. Most can be sized to […]

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Restaurant Glass Garage Doors Are a Stylish Option

October 8, 2019

Glass garage doors may be the latest design story for a trendy restaurant, but they are also showing up in boutiques, park pavilions, music studios and art galleries. Any business with patio seating or spaces that beg to be opened to the out-of-doors during pleasant weather might want to consider a “window wall” that utilizes the space-expanding […]

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Top Reasons to Install Garage Door Insulation

October 1, 2019

Because of its size and prominence, an attractive, well-designed garage door is an essential component of home design, adding both function and curb appeal. In addition to a “pretty face,” however, modern homeowners should demand more. Garage doors provide access and security for what is primarily a utilitarian space, but they can also help keep heating and […]

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